Foot Wash & Bath Cum

Foot Wash & Bath Cum


Even if you’re not into Cinna's feet.. this video might still be good for you as Cinna has a nice finish in the bath after the foot tease.


You are Cinna's pet and during this video she is training you on how to wash her dirty feet because she loves them being worshiped a specific way. Cinna knows you have an intense foot fetish and bosses you around while she’s teaching you how to clean & scrub her feet. She gives you a tremendous amount of close ups of her toes, arches, soles, heels, and every single aspect of her foot as she guides you on how you should wash them. In between learning how to wash them, she makes you lick the screen because her feet are so beautiful. Not only is she teaching you how to wash her feet, she shows you how to brush all the dead skin off with a sugar scrub. After she is done teaching you how to clean her feet, she drains all the dirty water from the tub and uses warm water from the faucet to splash all over her pussy to bring herself to a sexy bath cum. 


If you are not much a foot fetish person, this video still may be for you! If you just want to see Cinna cum, skip to around 10 minutes to the ending to watch Cinna  play with the tub faucet. Her facial expressions, moans, and close up shots of the water over her pussy will drive you wild..


Length: 15 Minutes