Who is Cinnamon?

Age: 27 

Location: Los Angeles, California

Height: 5'4

Star Sign: Leo

Favorite Color: Black

Welcome to my website!

Hi! My name’s Cinnamon, but please call me Cinna. My website is an amateur porn store with a touch of class & a pinch of sensual creativity. I’m happy you’ve stumbled across my shop!


A little more info about me.. I’m a very expressive person and I consider my work a form of art. Through this medium I’m able to entertain with my sensuality & sexuality to a degree I feel comfortable with. I also love to write, dance, design, paint, draw, color, take photos, film videos, and pretty much anything that allows me to be creative. I have many dreams I'd like to share with the world!


I hope by becoming a VIP Member, you find pleasure or entertainment when watching any of my videos. The content I make is exclusively for this website and is not sold or seen anywhere else! If you purchase a VIP membership to my website you'll gain access to every piece of erotica I’ve created since 2014. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I enjoy creating and exploring it with you. Now it’s your turn.. go get lost and explore in my CinnamonShop!